Terms & Condition

There Terms & Conditions (the “terms”) makes you (the “user”) aware of their legal rights and conditions under which the user will have access to FoodJugaad’s website www.foodjugaad.com and application. Accepting the terms and/or downloading the application means that you agree with all the conditions, privacy policies and regulations stated under and have no objection at all. If you have any queries, you can contact us by any of the means available on Contact Us. If you do not agree with any of the terms stated here, we kindly request you to stop using FoodJugaad’s services.

‘User’ of the application and the website are mentioned as ‘User’, ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘he/she’, etc. User of the application is the one who views the restaurant profile, uploads pictures, rates and writes review for a restaurant, checks out the waitlist of the restaurant, reserves time, etc.

‘Services’ means the application, website and all the content and technology provided by team FJ to the users.

‘Restaurants’ means the merchant available on the application. They are the one who provides users all the services and are associated with the communication happening on the application.

‘Team FJ’ is the provider of the application, website and all the services to the Users and Restaurants.

  • Content of the Website & Application:
    The content provided by team FJ to the users is strictly for usage only and the users cannot use any of the information provided by the application or website for any of their personal usage. The content of the application and website is nor editable and if someone attempts to do such thing, that it will be violation of terms. The content and the information of the restaurants is given by restaurants themselves and that particular restaurant is liable for its own content and information. If any of the information regarding a restaurant is not true than team FJ is not liable for it.
  • Information of the Users:
    When the user of the application signs up to application, user is allowing team FJ to use the information for whatever means except any illegal activities listed by the law and order at any respective location. If any other existing account is used to sign up than the user is allowing team FJ to use the information linked with that account for any means except any illegal activities listed by law and order at any respective location.
  • Sign Up and Log In Conditions:
    When the user opens the application for the first time, the user will be asked to Sign Sp to the application. If the user is already existing user of the application, the user can also Log In using the previous credentials. They will also have an option to sign up or log in using other existing E-Mail IDs. Logging In at the application will allow user to use all the features of the application without any limitations. You can also skip the sign up process and use the application with some limitations. Skipping ‘Sign Up’ will prevent the user to send a request to reserve the table and to place pre-order. For unrestricted access of application under Terms, users must Sign Up or Log In.
  • Timing conditions:
    The application work on a strict time period. The user can request for time to the restaurant by sending a simple request and providing the required information. Restaurant will reply assessing your requirements and their accommodation. After receiving the reply, the user can reserve the given time without any edits by paying advance amount. Paying this amount will add the user to current ongoing wait list of respective restaurant. The customer is required to reach and report the restaurant at or before the given time. After reaching the restaurant, they are to notify the restaurant of their arrival. Ultimately the customer have to be present at their given time. If customer fail to do so, and is unavailable on the given time, than restaurant have full authority to cancel their time reservation and provide the table to next waiting customer. That is why the application suggests the user to be present at restaurant with 10 minutes to spare to their given time so that such situations can be avoided and there is pleasant dining experience for users.
  • Payment conditions:
    Customers will pay in advance to confirm their time reservation and all the payments will be done electronically using a payment gateway. While using the payment gateway, the user agrees all the terms and conditions of respective payment gateway. A small amount of advance payment will be done by the customers. This advance payment is in no means extra payment. The advanced paid amount is just a token of confirmation and the paid amount will be deducted from the final bill of that customer. The advance payment is necessary to confirm the time reservation in advance. Without advance payment, the customers cannot either reserve time or give advance order of the food. The paid amount by the customer will go to the customer which will be paid back to respective restaurant on a day fixed by mutual agreement between application and restaurant.
  • Refund of the advance payment:
    As the conditions shown in the former cases, if the customer is not present at restaurant on given time, user’s reservation will be cancelled if restaurant decides to do so. The application won’t be responsible if such case arises. Restaurant decides to wait or move on is down to its preference. The users’ reservations by the application won’t be given any special preference. If the restaurant decides to cancel the reservation of certain user, they will not be refunded any money as it is user’s mistake that they were not present on the time. The token amount will be lost by the customer.
    Though the advance payment will be a minor amount, but still if the final bill amount us lesser than the advanced paid amount, the users won’t be refunded any of the surplus remaining amount as this will happen only if the user wants to disrupt and disturb the operating restaurant and such misconduct will not be tolerated.
    In case of Pre-Order, if the user misses the time appointed by the restaurant than for such situations the user will be refunded 75% of the paid amount. The refunded amount will be credited to the user’s bank account in next 72 hours.
  • Advance order:
    One unique feature provided by the application is that the customers can place the order before they reach their restaurant or the table. After choosing the items of your choice, you will be asked to pay some amount to confirm your order in addition to the amount you have already paid to reserve the time. This pre-paid amount will be deducted from your final bill at the restaurant. This advance order cannot be edited once you finalize, place and pay for the order except the restaurant allows you to do so. The authority to allow to edit the pre-order is completely in restaurant’s hand. The customers can add to this order if needed once seated at their table. The restaurant can accept or reject the placed order according to their choice.
  • Quality of the food:
    The application works as the bridge between users and the restaurants. We just provide services to both users and restaurants. If the quality of the food is not up to the mark or degraded, the restaurant is solely responsible for that matter. That is restaurant’s problem and they will have to resolve it by their own means. The collaboration of application with the restaurants is such that the quality of the food won’t deter by any of the services provided by the application. If the quality of food or services is not the same, the user can rate and review accordingly.
  • Ratings and Review:
    The ratings are provided by the users of the application only. We are not responsible for any of the ratings of the restaurant. We will not alter any rating given by any of the users. In case of review, we will assess any comment or review made by the users before posting it online. If the language of the comment is not proper than we hold every right to cancel that comment an neglect the rating given by that user. If the comment is proper than we will post it after referring it properly. Users can upload photos taken by them, but if the photos are not appropriate, the review and rating associated with those photos along will be deemed invalid and will be removed along with photographs.
  • Condition of Change:
    The Terms are designed keeping the maximum and worst scenarios in mind by team FJ. The terms simply gives user a guidelines of how the system of FJ works and what are the factors and scenarios they have to keep in mind while using the application. The Terms that are shown here will change as new scenarios and features gets integrated to the original and currently available application and services. Thus the change of the Terms will constantly take place and at a time whenever any user claims that their rights or the Terms are not followed and are violated to harm them or to deter the services than the latest and updated Terms will be referred while examining the complaint by the user.